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For those wishing to attend a personal training gym around Kobe, we recommend the body make studio Principal, conveniently located at the station Chika. We offer one-to-one instruction that is specialized for the general public, and because we can create a beautiful body beyond a simple diet, we are eager to attend a wide range of ages from teens to over sixties.
The gym has been well received by those who have troubles such as "I tried various diet methods but had no effect" and "I've rebounded" Please contact us.


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After working at Kobe Sakai Training Studio, he became independent in 2012. Launched "Pressure Training PCCS", the predecessor of the current principal. After that, we introduced a new training method to provide higher quality service, and changed the brand name to "body make studio Principal" from 2016 and completely renewed. To the present.

Offers sessions combining the latest training sciences with traditional medicine. Because it conveys the knowledge, technology and skills of life, we are better at long-term programs than short-term diet programs. Trainer recommended for those who want to continue training as a life work for a long time. The training offered is centered on the barbell event. Conditioning performs the technique called touch medicine of the Oriental medicine base and the physical therapy procedure.


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body make studio Principal

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Hyogo Prefecture Kobe City Higashisu Ward Sumiyoshi Honcho 1-7-9-2 Naito Building 2F

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If you are looking for a well-accessed personal training gym in Kobe, we recommend using body make studioPrincipal, which offers an effective, stress-free program that is specialized for the general public. As an easy-to-use private gym located just a short walk from the nearest station, it is popular among all ages and young people, so please contact us without hesitation.

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If you think "I feel like I've been relaxed recently", "I want to eliminate the lack of regular exercise", "I really want to work on dieting", I recommend the body make studio Principal, which has a reputation for careful one-on-one instruction. It is a body makeup studio where you can not only lose weight but also get a physically firm body, and experienced instructors who have supported body makeup for many people of all ages and genders, know-how We will help you by taking full advantage of Through counseling, we propose the best training method in consideration of each member's wishes, body anxieties, ideal body image, lifestyle and so on.
In the course consisting of training, conditioning and food, it is not "superficial slimming" but intrinsically strong and can create beautiful bodies, so it is reputed to be "hard to rebound". If you ask one-on-one training, you may have the image that the threshold is high, but since we offer a menu that is specialized for the general public, please leave it at ease.

Kobe personal training gym can go without burden at the station Chika

Even if you are interested in personal gyms and one-on-one training, there are many who feel resistance to lessons in a high-profile environment like a general sports club. The body make studio Principal allows you to focus on training in a completely private room, with only one member, so you can fully enjoy the full curriculum unique to a personal gym. As you need to go on a continual basis to do a diet or body make-up, you may be more concerned with the location of the studio in addition to factors such as popularity, word-of-mouth content and fees when choosing a gym However, it is located just a short walk from JR Sumiyoshi Station, saving you time and energy and passing without burden.
In order to realize a strong and beautiful body, our basic philosophy is that it is important to establish an individual's way of being able to feel the beauty and richness unique to each member. We will help you realize the effects and achieve your goals by maximizing the potential, so please feel free to contact the popular gym at Station Chika.